Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? And Should They?

can dogs eat mushrooms

The dog food industry has blinded and brainwashed us into believing dogs cannot eat “people food.”

They want pet parents to think people food is bad for dogs and can even make them sick. May be even kill them.

These billion-dollar companies want us to buy nasty, potentially toxic “feed” for our furry friends. They even make you feel guilty when your dog gets some scraps from the table.

Because of the manufacturing process and long-term storing, most commercial dog food is nutritionally inadequate. It is filled with artificial ingredients, worthless filler, and powdered “meat.”

Dogs on a diet of dead dog food age quickly and get sick easily. Something, the vet loves.

As a result, it is crucial to add supplements and whole foods. One such food are mushrooms.

While mushrooms do not seem like a food you would give a dog, they are quite beneficial. Some even call them “miracle plants.”

Mushrooms are versatile plants that can help prevent disease and regenerate cells. They contain a multitude of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals.

However, not all mushrooms provide health benefits.

Here are 5 of the most potent mushrooms dogs can eat:

Reishi – improves heart function, boosts the immune system, and increases endurance.

Shiitake – helps counteract side effects of chemotherapy, treats Cushing’s disease, and reduces allergy symptoms.

Maitake – manages diabetes and supports liver function.

Turkey Tail – can help with pulmonary disorders and treats inflammation of the urinary and digestive tracts.

Cordyceps – reduces asthma symptoms, fights leaky gut syndrome, and treats chronic liver disorders.

A lot of people fear giving mushrooms to dogs. Some even think they can kill a pet. This stems from the potential of some mushrooms to be poisonous. However, any mushroom a human can eat, a dog can eat as well.

For a happier, healthier dog, add some mushrooms to their daily diet.  There is no need to worry about these phenomenal fungi.

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