Cannabis For Dogs May Help With Pain And Other Canine Health Issues

Cannabis for dogs considered safe.

Cannabis has shown to provide relief for a variety of health conditions in humans. Now, after seeing positive results, the plant is becoming popular among dog owners as an alternative treatment for a wide range of ailments.

The marijuana plant contains numerous substances known as cannabinoids, the most famous being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the chemical responsible for the notorious high experienced when smoking weed.

However, cannabis for dogs has only traces of THC, so your pet will not get a buzz from the plant. Instead, marijuana health treatments made for both humans and dogs contain a high amount of cannabidiol, or CBD. This natural substance does not get you intoxicated but has been shown to provide therapeutic benefits.

Various dog health conditions can be treated with cannabis.

Some veterinarians are recommending marijuana for dogs to relieve various ailments. [Image by ExtensivelyReviewed Medical marijuana cannabis grow house – Must link to via photopin (license)]

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With so many potential benefits, veterinarians nationwide are taking a serious look at CBD for dogs. Some have found the alternative medicine is helpful in treating sprains, torn ligaments, pain, and stiffness. Additionally, CBD seems to have little or no side effects when compared to traditional prescription drugs.
Cannabidiol seems to work synergistically with the brain, central nervous system, and organs through the body’s cannabinoid receptor sites, which all mammals have. Recent studies have suggested CBD can help relieve pain, anxiety, and some neurological disorders. Research has also shown a reduction in muscle spasms, tumors, and seizures after taking cannabidiol.

While giving CBD to your dog is likely safe, it should be done only under the direction of a veterinarian. Also, it is important to buy CBD products specifically formulated for dogs, not humans.

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