Revealed! The Nasty Secrets Dog Food Makers Do NOT Want You To Know...

The toxic things put in dog food will gross you out and could even be killing your dog.

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Shock & Paw: 

How the Pet Food Industry Is Slowly Killing Your Dog!

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Commercial Dog Food Is Junk!

The companies just don't care.

If the companies really did care about our pets, they wouldn't be creating food with low-quality, cheap ingredients not fit for anything to eat.

Their real concern is profit.

Instead of investing in good, quality ingredients, they hire expert, high-paid marketers to design labels and ads with deceiving language to make you think your pet is getting human-grade, exceptional ingredients.

The images on pet food labels are designed to sell not tell.

The words are carefully selected to make you think one thing, but they really mean another. The dog food label is filled with dazzling, stunning images of fresh meat and produce. Usually a smiling dog is pictured eagerly waiting to gulp it down.

Sometimes even your favorite celebrity is shown with their happy pet.

This gives you the impression that what is inside the bag is what is on the label.

Sadly, this is rather far from the truth.

The meat listed on the label comes from diseased and distressed poultry and cattle. Some meat even comes from dead zoo animals, roadkill, and even euthanized pets.

Shock & Paw: How the Pet Food Industry Is Slowly Killing Your Dog!

Help your dog live a longer, more vibrant life starting today!

Don't wait for the pet food companies to change.

While the dog food industry isn’t likely to have a change of heart anytime soon, there is something we pet parents can do.

To save our pets, you must act.

It requires a shift in our thinking about dog food and the ingredients. It requires a new understanding of how the pet food industry works and how to read between the lines on the dog food label. Our dogs can lead longer, more healthier lives.

By making a few simple changes, they can live happier for longer. Giving us more time to spend with our furry best friends.

The truth is revealed.

The newly updated book Shock & Paw exposes the secrets that dog food companies don’t want you to know. It explains the good, the bad, and the ugly about common ingredients found in most commercial dog foods.

It reveals how good marketing and little government regulation turns nasty, spoiled food into something pet parents are eager to buy. Shock & Paw will also give you tips to improve your dog’s diet. It will steer you away from what is bad and show you how to look for the good.

Simply put, using the information in the new version will help your pet live a more energetic, vibrant, and happier life.

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And sometimes, it isn’t really meat.

What is listed as meat can legally be chicken beaks, cow hooves, and anything that is not for human consumption. Essentially, it is what is left over from the meat processing plant. Most companies cannot even tell you exactly what’s in the “meat.”

Your dog has to eat this garbage day in and day out – for life.

The process used to make dog food takes the nasty, inedible ingredients and turn them into something your dog will eat. They use a corn syrup and a variety of artificial flavoring agents to make it taste good to your pet. Just like candy or potato chips, the food tastes good but has virtually no nutritional value.

This lack of daily nutrition leads to multiple health problems, including cancer and seizures, and even early death. Over time, this garbage leads to more vet visits and a lower quality of life.

Shock & Paw: How the Pet Food Industry Is Slowly Killing Your Dog!

Help your dog live a longer, more vibrant life starting today!

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Shock & Paw: How the Pet Food Industry Is Slowly Killing Your Dog!

Help your dog live a longer, more vibrant life starting today!

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My focus over the past five years has been dog health and nutrition. I have made it my mission to expose the misconceptions, myths, and untruths spread by the commercial dog food industry. At same time, I am focused on better and more natural food alternatives than big store processed kibble.

As a pet parent myself, I am committed to ensuring dogs get provide a healthy and wholesome meal daily and helping pet parents make informed choices. With proper nutrition and without the nasty ingredients found in commercial dog food, our furry family members can live a more energetic, longer, and happier life.

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