Giving Dogs CBD Oil: This Extract of the Cannabis Plant Takes Anxiety Away

CBD oil for dogs can reduce anxiety

You want to spend quality time with your dog, not watching them suffer with anxiety and stress. Random, sudden loud noises like fireworks and natural events like thunderstorms can give your dog tremendous anxiety. Even leaving them at home alone while you are at work or on a short run to the store, some dogs go into panic mode.

When you see your dog pacing, acting erratically, or shaking, you have two choices – do nothing and let them suffer or get something that can provide some relief. As a loving, caring pet parent, doing nothing really isn’t an option.

There are a lot choices out there for anxiety relief. Many are prescription pills with a variety of side effects. Other options are ineffective or don’t last very long.

One anxiety treatment, however, has exploded in popularity in recent years as anecdotal evidence suggests it works and is long lasting.

CBD, found in cannabis and hemp plants, has been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms related to stress and anxiety. It works specifically within the body to increase the production of two chemicals known as serotonin and dopamine. Both these compounds are directly responsible for making someone feel happy or satisfied. When they are low, we become depressed and anxious. When they are in balance, we feel “more like ourselves.”

CBD oil seems to work the same way with dogs and is often given to them during episodes of stress and anxiety. It is a safe, natural alternative to traditional medications. Many humans use it every day for the very same reasons. If you are getting the benefits of CBD oil, why not let your dog find some relief as well?

CBD oil has little if any side effects and is safe to consume daily. Besides anxiety relief, it can help with other dog health conditions as well like itchy, scratchy skin and joint pain.

Stop stressing over your dog’s health and get some CBD oil. Avoid the helplessness and distress of watching your pet suffer during thunderstorms, fireworks, or fear of being alone.

So instead of doing nothing, help your pet live a more abundant, healthy life with just a few drops of this amazing supplement every day. It is available in many health food stores, at holistic vet offices, and online. While CBD oil seems to be safe when used with or without other medications, you should check with your pet’s primary vet before adding it.

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