Revealed! What the Pet Food Companies Refuse To Tell You!

Here is exactly what you will find in this eBook:

  • Why Dog Food Companies Don’t Want You to Read the Ingredients List
  • The Pet Food Industry’s Nastiest Secret
  • One Toxic Ingredient Not Listed on the Label
  • The Good Ingredients You Should Look For
  • The Greedy Reason the Government Looks the Other Way
  • Buzzwords Used on All Dog Food That Mean Absolutely Nothing
  • And a Lot More!


You love your dog and want to do what’s best for them, but you’re not sure what that is. You’ve heard that commercial pet foods are bad, but you’re not sure what to feed your pup instead.

The pet food industry is a multibillion-dollar business, and they don’t want you to know the truth about the ingredients in their food. They spend millions of dollars on marketing telling you that their food is the best for your pet, but it’s all a lie!

Written by a certified pet nutritionist, Shock & Paw exposes the dangerous and toxic ingredients found in most commercial dog foods. After reading this book, you’ll be shocked (and appalled) at what your dog has been eating!